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      5. WHAT WE DO

        Jiangsu HuaLin chemical is a innovative sourcing company, linking China producers and markets with the global chemical industry. We explore and develop new markets in North American Europe South East Market for Chinese producers

        For our customers, HuaLin’s purpose and goal is to provide cost effective chemicals with the individual technology and delivery services required. As proof of our success in meeting our customer's needs we can proudly claim a continuous supply of products since our company founded in 2004.

        We source through exclusive representations of Chinese producers to provide a seamless transfer to our overseas customers. This insures our customers receive products meeting the highest quality standards at competitive prices. Each shipment is accompanied by a certificate of analysis, in electronic format when required. Quarterly SQC data is supplied when requested. All of our suppliers are ISO 9002 certified or are in the process of certification.

        Shipping large quantities in isotanks directly from China plants to oversea’s customers is very strong of HuaLin, We have warehouses in North America stock the rubber chemicals for large tire company. Our warehouses, in many cases, are equipped to handle hazardous materials and all are experienced in handling chemicals in a variety of containers. 

        Logistics at HuaLin means a staff dedicated to customer service as well as expertise in all aspects of safe handling and transport of chemicals. This group possesses a high level of understanding of the classifications and federal regulations.