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      5. PRODUCTS

        Jiangsu HuaLin Chemical Co. Ltd actively supplies a number of industries including: Polysilicon &,High purity Gas;  Flavors and Fragrances, Food and feed additives , Pharmaceuticals, Photographic, Personal Care, Plastics, Rubber Chemicals and Water Treatment.

        The primary products and markets are profiled blow. 

        kylinchemical Industry Product Profile

        Flavor and Fragrances

        Raw materials for personal care products and food ingredients

        Poly silicon &High purity Gas

         Raw materials including Silane & GeH4 for Polysilicon & Semiconductor, PV and TFT-LCD industries

        Personal Care

        Resins for hair formulations, hair-dye intermediates, specialty surfactants

        Food & Feed additives

        Sorbic Acid


        Excipients, non-cGMP intermediates and raw materials for API manufacture


        Developers, stablilizers, couplers, film-coating materials

        Plastic and Rubber Additives

        Accelerators, antioxidants, blowing agents, curing agents, antiozonants, dispersing aids, elastomeric materials, extenders, fillers, functional silane intermediates, retardants, plasticizers, processing aids, UV inhibitors, vulcanizing agents

        Water Treatment Chemicals

        Scale and corrosion inhibitors, flocculating aids, metal control agents, boiler treatment polymers, oxygen scavengers