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      5. ABOUT US

        HuaLin is a full service supplier of a wide range of chemical products from global affiliates.

        HuaLin was established in 2004 as the sales and marketing representative in the China for major Chemical producers. We are suppliers of High quality & specifical Chemicals for the overseas customer.    

        The company located in NanJing China, The major industries we serve include among others: 
        ? Automotive and tire manufacturers 
        ? Agrochemical producers 
        ? Oil field and water treatment chemical producers 
        ? Pharmaceutical and photographic industries (intermediates) 
        ? Polysilicon & Specialty chemical manufacturers 

        A major strength of HuaLin is our wide knowledge of the global chemical marketplace. In the ever-changing world of chemical sourcing and supply, HuaLin is well-known as an independent and dependable resource for special needs as well as a competitive supplier of basic raw materials.